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Race Training

We hear it all the time.  Starting Jan 1st “New Year, New Me!” or “I’m going to exercise!” That’s great and we REALLY hope you’re one of the few that stick to it and don’t drop out two weeks in, especially after you paid for that new gym membership. If you’re like most people and ...


You guessed it. 30 Days of Yoga!  Time to get down (dog) and dirty on that yoga mat that’s been collecting dust.  There are so many forms of yoga and places to do it these days you don’t have any excuse not to do this one. Besides getting more flexible, yoga has a bunch of ...

Daily Reading

Know what world leaders, CEOs, top financial managers, elite athletes and most successful people have in common??? They’re constantly reading.  They might be the best in their field already but they understand the need to continually grow and that knowledge usually comes from reading. The Challenge: Every day for 30 days you’re going to read. ...

Daily Gratitude

Create a list of 10 things you are grateful for every day for 30 days.


Keep a journal every day for 30 days