You guessed it. 30 Days of Yoga! pexels-photo-892682.jpeg

Time to get down (dog) and dirty on that yoga mat that’s been collecting dust.  There are so many forms of yoga and places to do it these days you don’t have any excuse not to do this one.

Besides getting more flexible, yoga has a bunch of great benefits. It can increase your muscle tone, improve your energy levels, help prevent injuries, improve circulation and helps clear your head by focusing on breathing.

Do this challenge from the comfort of home, in a yoga studio (lots of fun to be with an instructor and a group of people) or outside in the park. Even if you only do 15 minutes a day it’ll get you going.  Most yoga studios will run specials for the first time or even your first month so no more “namaste in bed”. Get up, get moving and get after it.


Free Online  – Yoga with Adriene

Studios: Yelp your local yoga studio

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