Daily Reading

Know what world leaders, CEOs, top financial managers, elite athletes and most successful people have in common??? They’re constantly reading.  They might be the best in their field already but they understand the need to continually grow and that knowledge usually comes from reading.

The Challenge:
Every day for 30 days you’re going to read.
It could be for 10 minutes, a chapter a day or a specific amount of pages but the goal is to read every day.

Tips and Tricks: 
1. Pick something you really want to learn about or a genre you love.
It’s much easier to stick with the challenge when you’re reading or learning about something you enjoy. So first things first, think about what you want to know more about or pick a style you know you like. Marketing, Neuroscience, Investing, Sci-Fi, Meditation, History, Biographies, other cultures…..the list is pretty much endless.

2. Look to what others are reading
Who do you respect in the subject you want to study? What are your friends reading? Ask them for recommendations! In this wonderful age of the interwebs and Twitter people aren’t shy about talking about what they’re reading. Bill Gates puts out his reading list every year. Tim Ferriss not only asks all of his podcast guests what they’re reading but includes what he’s reading in his 5 Bullet Friday email.  We’ve got a whole slew of recos in our store too.

3. Set aside a specific time
It’s much easier to make things a habit if you do them at a consistent time. First thing in the morning or right before bed tend to be our faves. If you really need the extra reminder, put it in your calendar and set an alarm so you can’t forget.

4. It’s ok not to finish a book
Even if the subject matter is something you really enjoy, sometimes a writers style might not jive with you. It’s ok to put that one down and pick up the next one. Hopefully another writer will be more your style.

5. Audio Books
Can’t make the time to sit down with a physical book? Get the audio book version! You can listen in the car, bus, train etc. Amazon, Audible, iTunes and your local library are all great sources for audio books.

Overachiever Bonus
Read non-fiction in the morning and fiction before bed.

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