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Earlier this summer I got a stern talking to from my cardiologist. Actually it was the same stern talking to I had with him on multiple visits over the years. To put it bluntly, I was fat and I wasn’t doing anything about it. Years of sitting at a computer at work and bad eating habits were taking a toll on me. My heart was fine but with the weight I was carrying and my prior cardiac history I was trending into high-risk territory. It was time to make a change and for some reason with the motivation from my cardiologist as well as some other more personal sources of motivation it clicked this time. I dusted off my old mountain bike and hit the road. I started small riding a lap or two around the reservoir near my house every night and with a better diet found myself getting stronger, leaner and faster than I ever imagined. Surprisingly, it was fun and enjoyable and not the torturous venture I expected it to be. I’ve since expanded my rides and have been commuting to work and back as much as possible since the end of July. I’m now down more than 30lbs (even after thanksgiving) and I feel like a million bucks. My goal was to hit 1000 miles before New Years. Well it’s November 28th and I hit 995 miles on my ride into work this morning and I’ll hit the 1000 mile mark on my way home tonight more than a month ahead of schedule. I know 1000 miles isn’t a lot to avid cyclists. Some of these spandex clad lancers will crush a century (100 miles) in a Saturday morning. But to me, from where I was coming it’s a pretty big f*$%# deal and I don’t take the progress I’ve made lightly. To be fair I am doing it on an old mountain bike with fat tires and heavy downhill wheels. Not all miles on a bike are equal. This weekend I’ll be heading up to Mammoth for the first time since I’ve gotten back in shape and I can’t wait to get back on a board and not feel like a slug. Here’s to the next 1000 miles and the 1000 miles after that. A side note to those who are Doctors here: when you’re telling your patients to get their s#!* together don’t be afraid to tell them that they might actually enjoy it. Had I known that it would be this fun and feel this good I would have done this 5yrs ago.

– Marc P.

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