Push-up Challenge

30 Day Push-up challenge.


This is one of our favorite challenges. You don’t need anything except yourself….but it’s always more fun to get your friends involved.

Here’s the deal

  1. Pick a number – It can be anything but for the best results make it something right on the edge of your comfort zone. That could mean 1 push-up starting from your knees or 100 every day.
  2. Do them every day for 30 days.

That’s it! Easy right??

Here are a few quick tips to help you out.

Break them into sets but do them in one session. You can probably do more than you think if you’re break it down into reps of 5 or 10 per set but don’t pick 100 and do them throughout the day. It’ll get too complicated to make that much time every single day. Keep it to one workout.

Challenge your friends and put some money on it. We recently tested out SPAR with a two week push-up and squat challenge and it worked great. You have to do a video check in every day and if you miss a day you have to pay the penalty. (We did $5 but choose a number you’re not going to want to lose)

Do them when you get up.  You can grab some water or meditate, journal etc ahead of time if you want but do them as part of your morning routine. It’s a great way to jump start the day and knock something off the checklist.

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