No Sugar

No Sugar for 30 Days

Not going to lie. This one is hard. Sugar is in f#%$ing everything!!! Seriously, go look at some labels and you’ll see what I mean. Almost EVERYTHING has sugar in it. Some companies try to hide it under a different name…..high fructose corn syrup, maltodextrin, sucrose, dextrose and about 50 more. It’s all SUGAR and it’s pretty much poison for our bodies or… “Sugar Coated Lies!” as Jocko Willink would call it in Discipline Equals Freedom: Field Manual but once you’re away from it for awhile you don’t miss it so…….YOU GOT THIS!!!

People split hairs over honey and stevia. We leave that up to you. If you do choose to add those in we recommend doing it in moderation. If you’re constantly replacing sugar with a different sweetener just cut it out completely. You. don’t. need. it.

It helps do this leading up to a race or when I’m trying a Whole Life Challenge. Pairing it with the workouts you really notice the difference in energy levels and your body will start to reshape but you can definitely do it on its own.

Pro tip: Have healthy snacks on hand. Whole fruits are fine but no juices. Almonds are great and so are veggies. If you start to get that craving you can also remind yourself that you actually don’t even need food for extended periods of time. Humans are capable of going up to 30 days with out it. So…you’re totally fine without your treat.

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